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Susannah Lawergren with pianist Bradley Gilchrist
‘Schubert’s Winterreise’

“songs which have affected me more than any others“
Soprano Susannah Lawergren and guest pianist Bradley Gilchrist perform together one of the greatest song cycles of all.

This new intimate mini-series, SongCo SOLO, gives you the chance to hear individual singers from The Song Company as soloists. For each concert, one or two of them will curate a programme of their favourite art songs or chamber music, guiding you through their own personal vocal journey, and partnering with some world-class guest artists.

“I dreamt of flowers blossoming in May, but when the cocks crowed my eyes flew open. On the window-panes, who painted leaves there? Go, laugh at the dreamer who saw flowers in winter time….”

The action has all happened. The journey has no destination bar one – from which no one has ever returned. Memories, mirages, and dreams invade the wanderer’s mind, and crows and graveyards offer him strange comfort.

Lotte Lehmann recorded and performed the first female Winterreise during World War II. Christa Ludwig, Brigitte Fassbaender, and Christine Schäfer have all recorded versions and late last year, Joyce di Donato made her Winterreise debut. Winterreise for soprano is a rare event, especially in Australia.

After eight years in The Song Company, please join us as we farewell Susannah in this very special SongCo SOLO recital.