X Trial Australian Championship

The X Trial Australian Championship is the ultimate motorcycle competition and you can see it live at WIN Stadium on Saturday, 27 July 2019.

Only the best 8 riders get an invitation to X Trial. For the riders, it’s the ultimate championship … for the audience, it is the most intense sporting event you will ever see, a genuinely emotional, edge of your seat experience!

8 Riders         5 Sections     1 Champion

X Trial is more than a sport. It’s an art form packaged into a 3hr, action-packed, showcase. It is a test of control and skill, whilst the clock ticks. It is raw and intense.

See Australia’s BEST go against the most difficult and intense course in Australia.  The riders are pitted against 5 obstacle courses and a race, like parkour on steroids, or American ninja on motorcycles, these guys have to ride massive earth moving tyres, concrete pillars, logs, skip bins and much more with only 90 secs counting down.8 riders start the qualifying round, and 4 progress to the final, to be crowned the X Trial Australian Champion!

Incredible Value, Family Entertainment

May 20 – July 13:  Kids  $15 |  Adults $35 | Family Pass $79

July 14 – event day: Kids  $22 |  Adults $42 | Family Pass $97