Yoga Moves & Soothing Tunes for Slater – Fundraiser

‘Yoga Moves & Soothing Tunes for Slater’ is held in loving memory of Kristie Powell, whose life was tragically taken on 4th October 2018, and to raise funds to support her gorgeous six-month-old son, Slater.

A flowing yoga practice of balance, stretch and strength by yoga teacher and exercise physiologist, Lis White, will conclude with a rejuvenating sound journey by sound therapist, Glenn Brace, using instruments like guitar, gongs and crystal singing bowls.

All proceeds will be donated to Slater.

Whilst Slater is now left without a biological Mum or Dad, he is blessed to be warmly welcomed into the loving family of Kristie’s brother and sister-in-law, Ryan and Michelle, and their five children.

Of course, raising little ones involves significant expenses. This event’s offering of yoga and music will raise funds for Slater’s future, so he can access all opportunities and services he deserves; education, healthcare, and other necessities and investments.

Everyone who attends will obtain peace of mind both directly resulting from the practice as well as knowing that we are helping a family in need.


You don’t need to be a yoga-buff – in fact, you might have never done yoga before, which is perfectly fine. Suitable options will be given to satisfy all levels.