Four Things to do While Practicing Social Distancing

The pressing threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has everyone a little on edge, but never fear my Wollongong Friends, we are here to help you through these tough times of social distancing, disinfecting and spending way too much time alone with your own family.

Normally we would be sharing the latest in What’s on in Wollongong events, however today we are taking a different path and looking at four things you can do that are in line with social distancing guidelines, and might just save your sanity.

Take a walk on the beach

That’s right, you heard it. While congregating in large groups might be a no-no, calm afternoon walks on the sand with family are just fine. With the cooler weather, our beaches are much less crowded than the recent days of summer. Take a moment to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean; it can be quite a grounding experience. Immersing ourselves in nature reminds us that the world is still alive and kicking, even if in partial lockdown.

Breathe in deeply and smell that fresh ocean-scented air. We will get through this one way or another and the beauty of our city’s natural resources can help us reconnect with common sense and restore a feeling of normality.

Work on your garden

More fresh air in store with this one. Pack your sanitizer and head off to your local nursery like the Leisure Coast Garden Centre to pick up some new additions to your garden. Get the family involved and plant some herbs that can be used for cooking at home or get excited and grow your own tomatoes!

Tomatoes are a great way to start growing your own food and can provide ample learning opportunities for children that might be stuck at home. Teach them about plants and what they need to survive while they watch their own creation grow into fruit they can pick and eat. Tomato plants can grow very quickly so they are an excellent starter for children that won’t have them waiting six months to see any results, unlike my corn crop. You disappoint me, corn…

If your family likes a little spice, try growing chillies. Chilli plants are easy to grow and tend to be very robust.

Shop small

Even though big shopping centres might feel like a no-go zone for germs and infection, small businesses still need your help to survive. Spending your money with local businesses helps to support our community and strength our economy.

If you are concerned about entering shopping centres, take the proper precautions to stay safe with frequent handwashing and hand sanitiser. Avoid touching surfaces where possible and keep your distance from large groups of people. Other than that, life must go on and so too do the small businesses that we love and cherish.

Check-in with your favourite local shops as some are offering additional services like The Sensory Studio in Fairy Meadow who are offering complimentary delivery within the Wollongong area. Ask about the We-Do game, it is the perfect addition to your time at home with the family.

Enjoy a picnic

There are lots of tucked away spots in our scenic region that make for the perfect family picnic location. Make some sandwiches and head off to your favourite secluded area of the Illawarra to get some fresh air and space. Not sure where to start? Try to Illawarra Rhododendron Gardens hidden away in the hills of Mt Pleasant.

If you have been advised to stay at home, don’t forget your own backyard can serve as an opportunity for sunshine and breezy autumn afternoons of fun as well.

We will be adding more ideas and tips in the coming days for staying home and keeping the family entertained. Stay with us – and most of all, stay safe!

Zoë Wood is an international travel writer from the local Illawarra area. Contact her here: Facebook –  Instagram  –  Email