Just Desserts – Try These After-Dinner Sweet Spots in Wollongong

If you are sick of cooking those family dinners but can’t commit to a night out, a dessert date might be where it’s at. Try a few of these amazing sweet spots to keep your restlessness in check and your sweet tooth satisfied. Looking for what else is on in Wollongong this weekend? Check out our events page here.

Gelatissimo, Crown Street

Let’s get down to business. How does gourmet, creamy Gelato sound? Perfection, right? Take a stroll down the far end of Crown Street and take a seat in the understated Gelatissimo – a haven for ice cream lovers everywhere. Try their elaborate flavours while sitting in the window, watching the world go by. Ah, the serenity.

BubbleBerry Frozen Yogurt & Bubble Tea, Market Street

Frozen Yogurt. Is there anything better on a hot summer afternoon? It also doubles as the perfect antidote to the mouth-tingles of post-chilli overload if dining at any of the nearby restaurants that aren’t afraid of a little spice! BubbleBerry always has interesting flavours on offer but the best one, and I mean, the very best one, is watermelon. Pricing varies based on weight so has a much or as little as your budget, and appetite, allow.

Kürtősh, Globe Lane

I absolutely love this place. The rustic, hole-in-the-wall feel transports you to another world where Russian spies converse behind newspapers and American CIA agents casually swap briefcases. They aren’t doing any of that, of course, but this is one of the few places that has such an authentic vibe, it isn’t hard to imagine yourself in the heart of a far-away city, on the verge of an epic adventure. Despite their selection of cakes, the title dessert, Kürtősh, is the way to go. I dare you not to come back for more.

San Churro, Globe Lane

What used to feel like a genuine take on Churro-inspired desserts, now has a twist of novelty offerings, and I have to say, I am into it. The new Cookie Butter range has these cute little menu items dressed up to look like burgers and fries. Aww, how cute is that? If you are looking for something that will be a hit with the family, hit up San Churro in Globe Lane, Wollongong.

Al Aseel, Fairy Meadow

This is one of my favourite sneaky spots to score scrumptious desserts at the last minute. The restaurant itself is a fabulous place to indulge in Lebanese cuisine, however, the Al Aseel cafe entrance located inside the shopping centre has fantastic coffee and a selection of desserts including a wide range of fresh Baklava.

Zoë Wood is an international travel writer from the local Illawarra area. Contact her here: Facebook –  Instagram  –  Email