Attention: Local Business Owners

Right now is a challenging and uncertain time for local business in the Illawarra.

If you are needing to promote your business or service offering, for example, an online program/resource/activity/course, no-contact local deliveries, etc, we have Advertising Packages from $39 +GST with full promotion across all of our channels across both of our sites – What’s On In Wollongong and Parents Guide Illawarra.

We want to encourage locals to support local business – and both of our platforms have access to a wide local demographic.

What’s on in Wollongong

  • Website: 30K hits per month
  • Facebook: 19K
  • Instagram: 3.7K
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 3.9K

Parents Guide Illawarra

  • Website: 20K hits per month
  • Facebook: 8.1K / Mums Group = 3.2K mums
  • Instagram: 1K
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 4K