In the face of lockdown fatigue, financial woes, mental health impact, and such uncertainty, there are some stories below that can remind us of what a connected, vibrant and strong community we are across the Illawarra.

We hope sharing these will spread a little uplift and remind us all that HUMANITY and our sense of COMMUNITY is ACTUALLY ALIVE AND WELL (despite what awfully divisive and polarising accusations are being slung on social media right now!)

Kristy C – mum of two young boys, Bellambi.
We had to isolate for two weeks as my partner was deemed a ‘close contact’ of a confirmed case of Covid at his work in Sydney. We have two highly active young boys and a dog. Every day my beautiful friends left stuff on our doorstep, like baking, meals, kids toys on loan, my mum sent a care package and my bestie walked my dog everyday. Not being able to leave the house for two weeks with young kids is particularly crazy making but I can honestly say it was made bearable from the kindness and care of our local friends and family. We are so lucky to live here in this beautiful community. Now we are in ’normal lockdown’ again and not having to isolate, my daily beach walk will never be taken for granted again. That we have access to ocean and bush within 10kms is what I can truly appreciate about lockdown here.

Gaenor and Graham – owners of South Sailor Restaurant Thirroul (CLICK HERE)
The support of our community during the lockdown means everything.   Our click & collect drive-thru has been well received by locals, who’ve got behind the online ordering and a slightly different way of doing things!

This has meant we’ve been able to keep trading and keep our core team employed.  The bigger picture is that in turn, we’ve been able to support our local suppliers.  There is a real comraderie and mutual support across the industry right now.

For a hospitality business in the toughest lockdown so far, we are so grateful to be part of the Coal Coast community, and we very much hope to continue to ride this wave of Covid lockdown.

Green Connect – Care Packages for those doing it tough in lockdown
We love how the Illawarra not for profit social enterprise Green Connect (CLICK HERE) gives back to our local community whilst helping sustainability and zero waste locally.

If you want to join the the many locals who have donated a Green Connect care package to those doing it tough and in financial hardship, CLICK HERE 

Mental Health Awareness
Lockdown has forced better awareness and acceptance of the mental health impact, and has allowed the subject of mental health to become more normalised and acceptable to pop our hand up and declare the battle is real and that we are struggling. If ever was the time to lose the stigma around mental health issues, it is now, as we are deprived of our usual social outlets, choice and coping strategies – we are forced to live alone or forced to live with very little escape from those we co-habit with! For those wanting support, you can reach out to Lifeline HERE which offers 24/7 support.