Lagoon Experimental Kitchen

There are not too many restaurants that can boast the scenery and water views that our very own Lagoon Seafood Restaurant grants us on arrival.
There is an immediate sense that you are somewhere special. Bringing together a feeling of elegance, calm and tranquillity is certainly no easy feat but somehow they manage to pull it off time and time again.
Having dined at the Lagoon in the past, I was eagerly awaiting my opportunity to experience the unique Lagoon Experimental Kitchen, a foodie’s heaven filled with degustation delights!
What is degustation I hear you ask?
Degustation is a French culinary term which refers to the sampling of an array of small dishes served one after the other. I mean really why decide on just one dish when you can have it all.
I have since had the great fortune to attend not one but two Experimental Kitchens at Lagoon and let me just say, the anticipation was worth it.
Picture this….
Your evening begins with drinks out on the deck overlooking the picturesque Fairy Lagoon. Here you are able to let out a breath and leave any stresses of the week behind you. Now you are ready to enter the opulent surrounds of the dining room where you will awaken your senses to the delights and wonders of what only a highly qualified and knowledgeable chef could create.
Do you get the picture? This could be the most memorable dining experience of your life.
Now if I had to choose between the McGuigan Wine Dinner and Degustation through the Decades, I honestly wouldn’t know which way to point you.
On one hand you have a 5 course degustation coupled with handpicked wines by the king of wines himself, Neil McGuigan. On the other you have a gastronomic journey from the 1920’s right through to 2010.
They both took me on an exquisite culinary adventure that I would only too happily repeat. The Lagoon chefs no doubt take meticulous care in selecting and creating a dining phenomenon and this is what you will receive.
My favourite dishes? Definitely the Gourmet Chicko Roll (yes that’s right, you will never eat a normal one again!) matched with a 2013 Stonefish Sav Blanc and the Iced Vovo Cupcake matched with a Wicked Secrets Pink Moscato.
The good news for you is that The Lagoon Experimental Kitchen will continue throughout 2016. This Illawarra icon will also be turning 30 in 2016 so expect big things.
Upcoming Lagoon Experimental Kitchens:
When: Friday 4th March  7pm (Around the World)
When: Friday 3rd June 7pm (From Farm to Fork)
Enjoy a degustation menu with matching wines. A menu prepared in culinary heaven. Experience cuisine using ALL 6 senses, including IMAGINATION!
$130 for 11 course degustation menu, or $150 with matching wines.
Bookings are essential. This would also make a wonderful Christmas gift. Vouchers are available.
Visit or call (02) 4226 1677.