Luka Lesson & The Medics' Kahl Wallis Live In Wollongong

Australian slam poet champion and hip-hop artist, Luka Lesson and The Medics’ lead singer, Kahl Wallis will be playing live in Wollongong this Thursday, 12 October at Jane’s Bar.
Fresh from dual appearances at this year’s Splendour in the Grass, Luka and Kahl are amped to bring the Living Artefact Tour to Wollongong with their newly released powerful new song called Living Artefact.
Living Artefact has been received very well so far with love from triple j’s Hip-Hop Show, Roots ‘n’ All, FBi Radio and ARIA nominated artist, L-FRESH the Lion.
It all started when Luka invited Kahl to perform at a few of his shows and sent him a demo of a song called ‘Living Artefact‘,  Kahl recorded vocals on the chorus at his little home studio.
Luka is Australia’s best selling poet and hip-hop artist with a love of story-telling and a passionate for his art form.

Hip-hop made me fall in love with story-telling – poetry just pushed me over the edge. I guess Def Jam Poetry series on Youtube really hit me hard in the early days, it caught me with just how raw and powerful the medium is. Since then countless poets and performances have made me fall in love with the genre again and again – Luka.

Luka represents a standard of rap that holds onto a morally and ethically conscious form of expression which includes no racism or sexism. Previously described as a ‘conscious hip-hop artist‘, Luka is no longer a fan of the term as it’s been overused in the rap world.
Their new singleLiving Artefact’ holds great meaning for both Luka and Kahl.

I refused to have my history packed into a museum and have my culture encased behind glass. I am a living embodiment on my ancestors, the lineage is not broken, the history is not just to be studied, but to be lived – Luka.
For me it’s a personal, spiritual journey which has deep connection to ancestors and country. I’m a living continuation of my ancestors and we are living proof of how to maintain resilience and strength, respecting and acknowledging those who have come before us, who have shaped and inspired our voice – Kahl

Poetically and artistically ‘Living Artefact‘ touches on the displacement and continued forced assimilation of First Nations people around the world.

I honestly want to keep spreading peace and love, but also the truth. Following in the footsteps of other great artists from all over the world that have paved the way for new generations of incredible creative and inspirational people. Come together, learn, listen and help ourselves to be stronger to continue the fight against war, ignorance, racism, pollution, pain and suffering. – Kahl.

Both huge fans of eachother’s art, Luka and Kahl also hold similar beliefs and see eachother as brothers.
Maintaining their heritage and helping today’s youth is high on the agenda for both Luka and Kahl.
An active member of the Writer’s Republic, Luka described it as a platform for poets, writers, story tellers and oral tradition holders.

In Plato’s “Republic” he said that all poets should be exiled, for they are a bad influence on society – so we started another republic, specifically for us, where the words are our Kings and Queens. – Luka.

Luka also works with Australian high school students via the Odysseus Live Project, a retelling of the ancient Greek story of the Odyssey in slam poetry and hip-hop.
Started via a conversation with the composer James Humberstone from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Odysseus Live Project has been a couple of years in the making now and they hope to have it done by the middle of 2018.
Working with Australian high school students for the past 11 years, Luka explained that it is an important and powerful part of what he does as an artist, as he believes it is important to give back and let other voices shine and be amplified.
Kahl works with The Jimmy Little Foundation, delivering workshops to Indigenous children in remote communities and spends a lot of time in Arnhem Land and the Northern Territory writing songs with young people.

Music helped me a great deal when I was growing up, it gave me a creative outlet to speak my mind and in turn learn how to record and write song. I was inspired to share my story and knowledge with younger people and also learn stories from them and other First Nation young people. – Kahl.

With an already hectic lifestyle you won’t be suprised to hear that the boys have more amazing projects on the go.
Luka recently ran his  first ever writers’ retreat in his grandfather’s village of Monolithos on the island of Rhodes.
Much like Wollongong, the village is small and picturesque, and sits between the ocean and the mountains.

Myself and the poets visited ancient sites and reflected on the process of writing. We wrote poems and practised memorisation and learnt about performance techniques. After four days we performed all of our work for the local people in the amphitheatre in the village. It was totally magic and we will be doing it every year. – Luka

(More details regarding the retreat can be found at –
Kahl  is proud and excited about his upcoming debut solo album soon to be released.

It’s been produced by James North in Brisbane, I had an incredible experience working with him. We both spent roughly 3 weeks tucked away recording in his small but musically inspiring studio earlier this year. – Kahl

The yet untitled album is a collection of songs that Kahl has been writing and performing over the past 4 years as a solo artist and includes stories of power, peace, love, loss, identity, culture, strength, resilience and respect.
Luka Lesson & The Medics’ Kahl Wallis will be live at Jane’s Bar (40 Flinders St, North Wollongong) this Thursday, 12 October 2017 at 6.00pm.
Under 18’s permitted with guardian.