Phil Barlow and The Wolf return to Bombie Bar

Get ready to howl Wollongong!  Phil Barlow and The Wolf return to Bombie Bar bringing good vibes, riffs and grooves on Sunday, 18 September.
Touring their second studio album The Awakening, Phil Barlow and The Wolf will bring a raw live performance to  Bombie Bar and it’s bound to get wild.
Pouring his heart and soul into his lyrics, Phil Barlow unleashes a smorgasbord of gritty vocals and hooky rock riffs topped off with flavours of funk. Expect the potential for a bit of bra throwing (seriously!).
With comparisons to legendary greats The Doors and George Thoroughgood you are in for one hell of a howling good time.

Find out why Phil Barlow and The Wolf are becoming a howling success and we will see you at The Bombie Bar on Sunday, 18 September (note to self: take spare bra!).
You emerged as a solo acoustic musician in 2011 with the release of your EP, Shades of Grey. How did the journey of Phil Barlow and The Wolf journey come about?
I was living a very different life before my musical transition. I was a dolphin trainer and then worked in environmental project management for a bit, which certainly had some awesome moments!
Then I went through a separation from a long-term relationship and had a lot of unresolved emotional energy I needed to express somehow. That essentially sparked my journey as a songwriter which started out as solo, travelling Europe and just writing song after song, expressing raw emotion.
After playing around solo for a while, I was curious to keep expanding in music and put together a band for a few shows. This triggered something primative and untamed in me and I loved it! Over time this has strengthened and I have been lucky enough to join forces with some quality musicians who also have a passion to get wild and liberated on stage.
Our collective sound is ever-evolving. We love to keep an element of improvisation in our live shows to keep us and the crowd connected to powerful influence of the unknown.
For you, is there something about playing with a live band that cannot be duplicated when playing solo?
It’s kind of like a huge dose of testosterone is injected into my body – the full band definitely brings out the wild and untamed side in me!
You have a knack for creating diverse music that successfully mixes different genres. How would you define your style of music?
You’re right, there are a lot of different influences and flavours in my music. I find it hard to define it myself sometimes! Our latest album “The Awakening” has a good dose of rock, but there are definitely blues and funk undertones. A reviewer once said The Doors’ LA Woman meets George Thoroughgood’s Bad to the Bone. I like that!
What was the inspiration behind your new album The Awakening?
It was a product of personal transformation. I realised that my own thoughts and beliefs were limiting me. Acknowledging and overcoming my fears and distractions, like being lured by desire were important in realising my true life’s purpose and happiness.
What do you hope listeners will take away from the lyrics?
I hope that the words might help others like it did me. That people chasing their passion or working through challenges gain some insight and strength to transcend those limiting self beliefs and thought patterns so they can live the life they are destined to.
If you could sit down for dinner with one your all time favourite musicians (past or present), who would it be and why?
BB King. I just have a deep respect for the man. Touring 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off in his 80’s is just awesome! Music and life are interwoven for me and BB King lived this truth till the end. He had an open channel between his soul and his music and I aspire to live that truth as well.
Your music has previously been compared to that of music greats The Doors and George Thorogood. How does that feel when you hear such complimentary feedback?
I am humbled to be referenced to such legends. I love the free expression of Jim Morrison particularly, so that’s awesome to know that wildness is shining through the music that I am creating.
You will be playing live at The Bombie Bar on the NSW South Coast on Sunday, 18 September (where you have previously played together with local legend Rai Thistlewayte of Thirsty Merc).
This is quite a unique venue in our woods. How would you describe playing at The Bombie Bar?
It brings to the surface the free spirit and untamed nature with the ocean kissing your ears in between the music. What more could you want really? Can’t wait!
What can we expect at your Bombie Bar gig?
Good vibes, riffs and grooves. Definitely some howling! Possibly bra-throwing but I can’t promise anything there haha. We love playing on the South Coast and The Bombie Bar is such a cool venue so we’re pumped…it’s bound to get wild.
Will we see you travelling around in the 1980 Toyota HiAce used in previous tours? It must have been a load of fun travelling around Australia in that.
The tour bus “Red Hot Rosie” is the latest love of my life! Haha, stay tuned on Facebook for upcoming intimate bus concerts for the dedicated fans.
Just for fun! If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?
Coco Pops – just like a chocolate milkshake only cruuuuunchy.
Phil Barlow and the Wolf will play live at The Bombie Bar  (Coalcliff Surf Club) on Sunday, 18 September 2016.
Children Under 16 FREE

You won’t be able to stop the monster beats and punchy bass lines all up in your grill!
— Alt JournalVenue
Riff heavy, funk infused, electrifying songs that denied your body the ability to remain stationary. Intimate, intelligent lyrics delivered with poise and passion. By the end of the set, I was a full blow fan-boy.
— Moist PromotionsThe Bombie Bar