The Breakfast Club: Three breakfast locations we love right now

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you are gearing up for the office or catching up with friends before a weekend event, you might as well be doing it in style.

Here is this month’s top three breakfast spots we can’t get enough of.

This probably isn’t the first time you have heard of this Wollongong landmark; locals have been talking about this place in their inner-circles for more than ten years. However, if you have never been here for breakfast, you are missing out.

Lee and Me is located in central Wollongong’s Crown Street and is home to a breakfast revelation called the GOOD BOY / BAD BOY BAGEL that provides the best of both sweet and savoury breakfast worlds.

If you have ever been in two minds about your morning sustenance, give this example of inspired brilliance a try!

If you are a Smashed Avo fan for that morning fuel session, your next stop should be Ground Cafe on Wollongong’s Kembla Street. Made with fresh sourdough bread, team it up with a flat white, and that my friends equals breakfast heaven for me.

Can’t get there for breakfast? No worries, their Smashed Avo offering is also available on the lunch menu!

Boston’s Espresso is a trendy cafe hidden away on the southern end of the Wollongong CBD, and that is how many locals would like it to stay. This secret standout has a unique ambience that wouldn’t be out of place in the heart of Chicago, or Boston, as it may be. Lucky for us, it is right on our doorstep and a fantastic choice for your next breakfast/brunch date.

Take a chance on The Roll; rocket, bacon, eggs, aioli, cheddar, tomato chutney. Are you hungry yet? I am.

Make some breakfast plans and enjoy the last of these beautiful summer days. Looking for more action this weekend? Don’t forget to check out the What’s on in Wollongong event page for all the latest info!

Zoë Wood is an international travel writer from the local Illawarra area. Contact her here: Facebook –  Instagram  –  Email