WomanGong Comedy | Get to Know the Comedians

Hot on the heels of a sold out show celebrating International Women’s Day, the hilarious girls from WomanGong Comedy return for 3 HUGE nights of laughs as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival from 24 – 26 August 2017.
Tearing down the comedic walls with their individual signature styles, Shane Ladymoon (Wollongong Comedy), Kerrie Moynihan, Malika and Alice Henchion filled us in on what to expect from this ‘all woman‘ ground breaking act.
Pssttt…did I mention they’re all from the Gong!

What got you started in stand-up comedy?

Shane: I’ve been running Wollongong Comedy for 5 years now and I guess it was just about time.
Kerrie: It was something I always wanted to try, so I entered Raw Comedy one year and went from there.
Malika: Watching my mum start doing stand up at 69 inspired me.
Alice: My husband has been a comedian for years. We actually met at his second ever gig. I have been around the scene for a while so it was only a matter of time.

How did WomanGong Comedy come together?

Shane: This year I thought it would be a grand idea to celebrate International Women’s Day with an all ladies line up for our Open Mic night at Jane’s Café and Bar.
It turned into one of those nights that still gives me goose bumps. It was a sold out show and everyone was in top form with 7 out of 12 stand-up’s being first timers.  It was amazing.
Then I got a call from the Anywhere Theatre peeps and they asked for the type of shows we could put on. Tim got really excited about having a ladies comedy night and just like ‘magic’, it was on.

What has been the reaction to your sold out debut performance celebrating International Women’s Day?

Shane: Lots of praise and a little cheekiness from friends.
Kerrie: To reinforce underwear against leaks.
Alice: Everyone was super proud. I was super proud.

What inspired you to be a part of WomanGong Comedy?

Shane: There is a lack of equilibrium between the sexes in comedy and I believe that we just need to create a space and be an example to encourage other women to have a go.
Kerrie: Comedy is the ultimate rush! All jump and no parachute.
Malika: The awesome company and the opportunity to do something scarily fun.
Alice: I want to see more women doing comedy and thought I should put my money where my mouth is.

Tell us about your signature style.  Who inspires you?

Shane: Observation and a bit of smut. Mostly because I’ve been watching my partner do it for years (Stu MacPherson from Wollongong Comedy) and I live with him so I figure that’s all happened via osmosis.
Kerrie:  I think women do amazing comedy, I have long been inspired by Jean Kittson, Judith Lucy and more recently Urzula Carlsson
Malika: Daggy, dorky, nonsensical, surreal and observational. Monty Python,  SNL, George Carlin and Richard Pryor.
Alice: Relaxed storytelling.

Where do you find material for your shows? 

Shane: Most certainly from everyday life.  Now that I’m performing,  if I think there is potential for a good joke, I’m writing notes on my phone.
Kerrie: Life is a karmic catastrophe, the comedy writes itself.
Alice:  I have often tried to get my comedian hubby to do certain bits that I thought could be hilarious… but they were often not his thing. Definitely life experiences.

How important is the audience reaction in terms of what material you keep for future shows?

Shane: It becomes a staple the audience reaction to your jokes to see whether you continue. Sometimes though there are jokes you just love and they are hard to get rid of.  I guess they are the ones looking for the right audience.
Kerrie: I make links between real life, it’s a little bit of life story. If it gets a laugh I will keep it for another day.
Malika: Will get back to you next week.
Alice:  Pretty important, although you are never going to be everyone’s cup of tea. If I am laughing while I am on stage, I figure that’s the main thing.

How do you see women represented in the comedy arena?

Shane: I would like to see the day where a comic is just a great comic and not a great ‘female comic’. Women are represented as ‘women in comedy’ and not always just a comic.
Malika: Confidently, and humorously in increasing numbers. Watch out!!
Alice: I would love to see more women running events and comedy rooms.

What can the audience expect from WomanGongComedy?

Shane: We have a range of acts from straight stand up, musical comedy, character based comedy and some interactive fun.
Kerrie:  I think people can expect diversity. It’s not all about lesbians and vaginas.

Who should come see your show?

Shane: Anyone I don’t know. Less chance they will be embarrassed or offended.
Malika: 100% of the population over 18.
Alice: You, and you, and you. I think you’ll like it.

WomanGong Comedy
24 – 26 August 2017

Cafe du Rude, Anywhere Hub
32 ½ Burelli Street, Wollongong
(between the Arts Precinct and IPAC).
All tickets: $20.00