Your Big Day Without the Big Cost: How To Save Money On Your Wollongong Wedding

If you’re planning your wedding day in Wollongong or the Illawarra – congratulations! You may be balking at that statement knowing how much weddings can cost. The average cost of a wedding in 2021 was $27,228 – though with rising inflation and cost-of-living increases biting at our heels, even an “average” wedding will end up costing much, much more.

Though we don’t want to skimp and cut corners on our big day, we can save money on certain items and wedding staples while having a glamourous, memorable, and fun event for bride, groom, friends, and family.

Choosing Affordable Wollongong Wedding Venues: Dreams can come true on a budget

Wollongong and the Illawarra offer almost every scenic backdrop you can think of – ocean front views, lush botanical gardens, and even farms and woolsheds for a rustic, “country style” affair. Historic country estates are an affordable way to get married (or even elope!) such as the Coolangatta Estate. You can even opt for outdoor venues such as the Wollongong Botanic Garden, the oceanside flair of Diamonds Reception Centre, or right on the beach at City Beach Function Centre. Click here for our roundup of budget-friendly location ideas.

Smart Wedding Financing: Options for Managing Wedding Expenses

weddings are big expenses, even if you manage to wring all the value out of every dollar spent. If you’re wondering how you’re going to pay for everything on your special day, you may want to consider taking out a specialist wedding loan. These are like personal loans for weddings – and they give you a definite budget so you don’t go over. Instead of having a huge upfront cost, you can pay off the loan over time. It also avoids the massive interest rates of credit cards to pay for dresses, food, and other items. Another way you can spread out costs is to have practical appliances and items on your wedding registry at various price points so your guests can choose something that fits their budget. Gift cards are a huge help to pay for everyday items after the fact!

Crafting a Personalised Wedding: DIY Decor and Stationery Ideas

Gone are the days where one had to ring up a specialist wedding printer to send out invitations, placeholders, and the like. You can save money by designing your own stationery using Canva and printing them out in bulk at places like Officeworks or online at Vistaprint, which can achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost. You can create décor from your surroundings – driftwood signs at the beach, chalk on corrugated iron in the country – it’s only limited to your imagination. Buy second-hand items from Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace and pay your decorations forward to other friends who may be tying the knot to help them save too!

Budget-Friendly Catering and Drinks: Haute Cuisine Sans the Haute Cost

Chicken or fish? It’s so last century, isn’t it? You can update your catering game with contemporary cuisine via mobile catering or even food trucks at your desired venue. You can have canapes, grazing tables, formal three-course meals, or something in between – it’s your day, so give it your own twist! Better yet, mobile catering and food trucks can work out cheaper than formal catering at hotels or venues. A picnic themed wedding with a food truck can be an incredible, festival style experience!

Weddings don’t have to cost the earth – and they can still be stunning!