Is Wollongong a Good Place to Live? Your Illawarra Suburb Guide to Buying, Selling, Investing and Living in Wollongong

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We interviewed one of Wollongong’s leading real estate agents, Cristian Carvana from The Agency, to get the scoop on living, buying, selling and investing locally.

Is Wollongong a Good Place to Live or Invest?

Nestled between the green expanse of the escarpment and glorious beaches, it’s hard to beat Wollongong’s relaxed beachside city vibe.

If you love shops, restaurants, cafes and city living, but also love a quick escape into stunning nature, then Wollongong is for you.

Cristian Carvana has been a Wollongong local since birth. That combined with his decade of Real Estate expertise, means he knows every street and snippet of Wollongong. He is as passionate about his trade, as he is about living in Wollongong itself.

Cristian reports his buyers and sellers most appreciate living in Wollongong for these reasons:

  • The convenience of city living but at a more relaxed pace;
  • A leisurely stroll gets you ocean side, with four glorious beaches to choose from. Choose your Wollongong beach for surfing, sheltered Harbour paddling, or what has best conditions on the day. It includes a dog walking beach too.
  • The Blue Mile walk around from North Beach to Wollongong Harbour is stunning. It winds you past endless view of sparkling ocean, rock pools, the Continental Pool (an Olympic size swimming pool, plus kids pool that over looks the ocean, oh, it’s free entry also!). Then past the pretty Wollongong Harbour and the two lighthouses. With so many cafes and dining options to choose from along the way. Walk, cycle, run, hop or skip this major Wollongong drawcard. Did we mention Wollongong Ocean side parking is free too!?
  • The array of Wollongong dining options from fine dining (Debutante) to delicious beachside pizza (Northside Pavilion). Whilst Wollongong doesn’t always compete with Sydney’s sophistication and style, the more laid back vibe and pace of life can mean ease of access, with more time to enjoy life, like your morning coffee or your dinner out with mates or family.
  • Cristian starts most of his days with a run around the Harbour Blue Mile, often spotting Dolphins, Seals or Whales if they are migrating. He follows up the exercise endorphin hit and all that unfolding nature, with a coffee at Longboard or Levendi’s Cafe (he is a double espresso man, so needs good quality coffee!)
The Beauty of Wollongong’s Blue Mile, Harbour, Pool and rock pools – ideal for morning runs, walks and swims!

Wollongong’s Average House prices in 2022

Cristian Carvana lives and breathes all things Wollongong Real Estate. He reports that despite recent surges, Wollongong is still significantly more affordable than Sydney:

Wollongong House Median Sale Price – $1.28M

Wollongong Unit Median Sale Price – $718K

Cristian Carvana told us his typical buyers are first home buyers, down sizers and investors. Where as families tend to look in the surrounding suburbs for more backyard room, Wollongong has some stunning homes for sale – click here to see some of Wollongong’s houses and unit’s for sale

Cristian has has sold numerous Wollongong homes over the years. He has witnessed the real estate trends and markets. The last two years have certainty had a major impact on Wollongong prices. Cristian shared that his Investor buyers are benefitting from the strong demand for Wollongong rental properties.

Despite a slight cooling of Wollongong’s Real Estate market since interest rate rises. Cristian has access to many motivated buyers.

So, If you want a market appraisal on your Wollongong home, enquire with one of Wollongong’s top Real Estate Agents, Cristian Carvana from The Agency. He may even know your exact home. 

SMS or call Cristian now on 0411 329 396. You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about Cristian’s real estate expertise and to get in touch with him and the team.

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With our thanks to Cristian Carvana from The Agency in Wollongong, for sharing his expertise and sponsoring this article. Look, he even has a nice face!