Steve Clisby brings 40up to Wollongong

Following sold out events across Australia, legendary performer Steve Clisby and his full band 40up are bringing their sizzling 70s, 80s and 90s dance party to Towradgi Beach Hotel & Waves on Saturday, 22 September.
Celebrating Barry White and some of the masters of funk and R&B, this event is created for people 40 and over (or those close enough!).
So grab your tickets and dance shoes and get ready to hit the dance floor hard. It’s not about age, it’s about attitude! Tickets on Sale Now
Steve Clisby took some time out from the recording studio to tell us about 40up and what you can expect.

What inspired you to create 40up?

I was inspired by something I saw on my last trip to Europe. I thought: “That’s what is missing in Sydney and around Australia”.
The only places I could go to dance to music I love, are my own gigs. When we play, people want to dance.

What makes 40up unique to those 40+?

There’s nothing quite like this in Australia that caters specifically for 40-somethings and baby boomers.
It’s all about the original music, the dance era and the fun that surrounded that time, but given a fresh, contemporary feel. This makes being older cool.

Will the music be age specific?

The music is actually ageless and that’s exactly what we’re trying to prove.
Most of the songs you will be dancing to are just the originals of the variations that you hear today, like the ones by Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Robin Thicke… which they’re all getting sued for!
The music is still alive and well, but in 40up you will be listening to the real deal.

What dance moves are you hoping to bring to the floor?

Here’s where ‘retro’ might be some fun.
There were a lot of dances that people did in groups… the hustle, the bump, and a couple of new things that I’ve seen done by a couple of South African friends (don’t know the name), but really great and loads of fun.

Is this dance party strictly restricted to only those 40+?

We don’t discriminate. People under 40 are welcome, but they have to come accompanied by someone 40up!
Bring your ID and your dancing shoes. We are definitely not ageists!

How will you be policing the 40+ restriction (and how strict will you be with funky 39-year olds)?

Just bring your ID and someone 40up and you’re in! But you can leave your phone at the door 🙂 We’ll have photographers there to document the whole night.

Do you believe music keeps you young?

It’s never been about age, it’s about attitude. I know 30-year olds that seem like a stereotype 65-year old!
It’s more about lifestyle and a youthful perspective. I know 90-year olds that still have a sparkle in their eye that makes them ageless.
My mum lived, walked, talked, listened to music and hung out with me (and was still trying to hit on the firemen across the road from her!) until she was 103.

What’s the main aim for 40up?

To give people back a sense of community that I think is sorely lacking . I’d like to give you all some place where you can go out like your kids do, and dance like no one is watching.
40up Featuring the Music of Barry White
Towradgi Beach Hotel & Waves
Saturday, 22 September 2018

Tickets on Sale Now