Winter Weddings in Wollongong. The Benefits of a Winter Wedding – you’ll be surprised…

Considering a Winter Wedding in the Illawarra or South Coast of NSW? You’ll be delighted to know that Winter Weddings have many advantages. Here at What’s on in Wollongong, we’ve interviewed the wedding event experts at City Beach Function Centre, to get you all the insider knowledge to winter wedding venue planning!

Finding the right Winter Wedding Venue in Wollongong, Illawarra & South Coast NSW

Winter Wedding Venue & Package Wollongong

Online research is key, but site visits to wedding venues are critical. Site visits mean you can walk in and really get the vibe. Even when the venue isn’t set up, you will still get a feel of the space and surrounds. It’s a bit like dating, you often know in the first few minutes if it’s right for you! Trust your instincts, you will know…

How experienced and helpful are the events and function team at the Wedding Venue? Do you feel a connection to them? Because in the months and the weeks before your wedding, you’ll be in touch with them quite a lot!

The City Beach functions team advised us that planning a wedding shouldn’t be stressful, it should FUN! Wedding stress can happen because you don’t have the right team, support and expertise around you. Your wedding suppliers should be there to HELP you, not cause headaches or stresses. Put City Beach Function Centre to the test and contact their awesome events team today – click here 🙂

The City Beach Function Centre’s events team mission is to eliminate your wedding worries before they even happen. They can do as much or as little as you want with the planning of your day. They are natural problem solvers, who can even recommend local suppliers (like an emergency back-up wedding dress!). Yup, they have helped avert wedding disasters so couples get the day of their dreams!

Winter Wedding Venue & Package Wollongong

Always look at the inclusions! The price per head for each venue is never the same. When comparing venues for your special day just be mindful of what is included for the package price and be aware of add ons that may be thrown at you further down the track such as Dj’s, styling, less package hours etc. plus it may mean a more DIY affair, where your wedding day is harder work for you to manage and need to set up.

What is typical cost of a Winter Wedding in Wollongong?

Winter Wedding Venue & Package Wollongong

The City Beach Function Centre advised us that their $135 per head Winter Wonderland Wedding package is jammed full of inclusions, with a typical 80 strong guest list, the venue, food, styling and beverage package is $10,800. However, the bride and groom also need to consider, transport, wedding wear, hair, make-up, photographer etc. Like City Beach, most Wollongong venues offer discounted Winter Wedding Packages so a winter wedding could work out cheaper. To enquire about City Beach’s various wedding packages – click here.

The Benefits of Winter Weddings in the Illawarra

Winter Wedding Venue & Package Wollongong

❤️ Winter Weddings = Better Availability & Lower Rates

Due to popular demand, most venues and vendors book up quickly during the summer months. Peak time will come with a peak price tag! Less competitive months will benefit from greater availability with your preferred vendors and also, most importantly “Winter Rates”.

Another bonus? Your photographer is less likely to be as busy in the winter months, so you are likely to get your wedding pics back faster.

❤️ Winter Weddings = Bonus Inclusions 

To boost winter bookings, you will find many vendors offering extra inclusions or all-in packages. So not only do you benefit from lower rates, but you also get stacks of extras to sweeten the deal.

❤️ Winter Weddings = European Honeymoon in Summer 

There’s nothing quite like leaving on that wedding high and jet setting off for a stylish European summer honeymoon! By the time you get back… Yay, your photos are back from the photographer and you are sun kissed and ready for Aussie summer!

❤️ Winter Weddings = Those Pink Sunsets

Think these sunsets are a luck of the draw? Think again!

It’s actually quite scientific.

⁠The colours of a sunrise or sunset are based on how light is entering and traveling through the atmosphere. So, when it’s hazy out, the sunrise or sunset colours will be more muted. When the air is crisp and clear, these twilight hours will offer up more vibrant colours and turn your wedding photos from gorgeous to DIVINE! Get your pics done from 4.30pm onwards to make the most of this stunning winter light.

❤️ Winter Weddings = No hot sweaty mess, no humid hair frizz

Cooler weather means it’s easier to keep your cool… Perfectly coiffed hair falls flat in humidity and don’t mention the melting make-up.  Dreamy outdoor ceremony spots can quickly lose their appeal for our suited counterparts on glorious 30+ degree days. 

❤️ Winter Weddings = Less chance of rain

Did you know that the lowest average number of rainy days in NSW fall between June – Aug? #Mindblown

❤️ Reduce Wedding Fatigue

Let’s face it, attending a wedding as a guest can be expensive. Relieve the financial burden for guests by holding your wedding in winter when social calendars are quieter and everyone has time to recover financially before Christmas.

❤️ Less stress

With less chance of rain, ease of booking coveted vendors, lower cost and that European honeymoon to look forward, the planning process will be a breeze!

❤️ Wedding flowers that don’t wilt 

With the cooler weather in winter months, wedding flowers such as floral arbours can last better outdoors and your wedding bouquet can last longer out of water and not risk looking wilted in your wedding photos.

With our sincere thanks for the team at City Beach Function Centre for sharing their wedding expertise and sponsoring this article! Happy Winter Wedding planning!

To make enquiries with City Beach for any wedding and function package – click here.

Winter Wedding Venue & Package Wollongong

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