How to have the best day ever at Jamberoo Action Park. Read this before you go.

Find out everything you need to know to have the best day at Jamberoo Action Park this season — including parent hacks and tips to save money. This is What’s on in Wollongong’s personalised Jamberoo-veteran ultimate guide to NSW’s biggest and best family-operated water theme park. Plan your Illawarra family-fun day out, to perfection.

We. Love. Jamberoo. My family are shameless Jamberoo Action Park season pass holders and let me tell you, it doesn’t matter how many times we’ve been – my children’s eyes light up at the mere mention of Jamberoo

The rides are thrilling, the vibes are excellent, the park is always lovingly maintained — and you won’t break the bank!

How do I get to Jamberoo Action Park?

Jamberoo Action Park is located off Jamberoo Road, Jamberoo. 30 minutes drive south of Wollongong. Nestled in the valley between rolling dairy farms, the drive itself is very pretty, with many cows to be seen! Parking is free and there are thousands of spaces available, even on busy days. Car spaces for persons with an approved Mobility Sticker are available right next to the main entry gates. (Most rides and facilities also have ramp access throughout the park)

Getting to and from Jamberoo Action Park by public transport is an easy and scenic option for weekday visits.  A bus service leaves Kiama Railway Station at 9:50am, Monday to Friday only.

If you’d like to make a special little holiday out of a visit to Jamberoo Action Park, there are many accommodation options near by — something to suit everyone. And did I mention the local area is gorgeous?

Jamberoo Action Park Opening Times and Best Times to Visit

A real twister: The Perfect Storm!

This season runs from the 23rd September 2023 until the 28th April 2024. The park is open from 10am until 5pm, is open 7 days a week through school holidays and public holidays and selected dates outside that  – we would suggest you check with Jamberoo’s online calendar before you plan your visit.

Near the school holidays there may be a few days that are blocked out for school excursions, so it’s best to check the calendar on their website before you plan your day.

My insider tip is to try to arrive right as the gates open. Queues for rides are shortest at the very beginning and very end of the day. 

Jamberoo Action Park operates in all weather. (Only the Bobsled/Chairlift close in rain and high wind) But most people wait for a sunny day! Our family’s favourite hack is to wait for a cloudy, rainy day (not too rainy) — put on our wetsuits and enjoy zero queues all day! There’s nothing so satisfying as shooting out of a waterslide and running to the top of the hill to ride again straight away!

How to Save on Jamberoo Action Park Tickets?

About to be eaten by the Taipan! Cue screaming…

A season pass is the best value ticket option. Trust me, one visit is not going to be enough!
Season Pass gets you priority entry on over 140 open days, 10% off all in-park purchases and a bunch of other local deals.

E-Tickets get you priority entry and can be used on any open date during the season — which is amazing if you’re disorganised (or spontaneous?) like us! (And it’s $10 cheaper to buy your e-tickets online rather than at the gate). Children under 3 are free.

The best thing about Jamberoo Action Park is that once you’re inside, you can pretty much put your wallet away for the day. In fact, most people hire a $10 locker for the day, drop off their valuables and go!

Does Jamberoo have picnic tables, shelters and BBQ’s?

There are many options for picnickers at Jamberoo, everything from a big rug on the sunny grass to a bougie cabana! 

The Bayview Huts are located to near the wave pool and main entrance. These picnic shelters have long tables and benches and are available for big group hire. Those that are not privately reserved usually get filled with families who share the tables and leave their eskies and towels. (You really won’t spend much time with at your base. My kids eat standing up and jiggling with impatience.) There are more huts in the picnic area with coin operated BBQs, as well as sheltered tables. Brand new for hire this season are the exclusive Velocity Cabanas, which offer privacy and comfort, suited to small groups.

Many families with smaller kiddos like to take their rugs up the hill to the grass around Banjo’s Billabong — that way you can have a rest while they play!

What to pack and bring to Jamberoo Action Park? 

Firstly, you’re going to need sunscreen! And zinc! You can’t wear hats on the waterslides, so you’ll be running around the entire day in and out of the shade with no hat. Glasses are not permitted on most water rides, so contacts are a good bet too.

Secondly, I know not everyone has one, but wetsuits make the day so comfortable and enjoyable. Even on a hot day, once you’re up on the hill, waiting in line and soaking wet, a little breeze can be chilly. I actually bought a wetsuit second hand from the op-shop on my way to Jamberoo — that’s how much I rate wetsuits for waterparks. If you can’t get your hands on a wetsuit, a rashie is a good alternative. The Surf Shack at Jamberoo sells wetsuits, rashies, water shoes and most other water related gear at regular retail prices and often on discount, so definitely worth a look!

Jamberoo describe their rides as “high impact” – therefore swimwear coverage is advisable. I heartily agree, it’s just more comfy to have a little protection on a waterslide.

Some people like to wear water shoes. These are allowed on to be worn on all rides and attractions, and seem like a good idea — though we have never worn them ourselves and don’t see many around.

Goggles are a good idea since the wave pool is well chlorinated and depending on your style of kid, they might spend a lot of time here!

Floatation devices are not allowed for safety reasons, even in the wave pool. So leave your pool noodles, body boards and anything that inflates at home. Children’s swim vests and floaties are of course permitted.

I also make sure we bring thongs/flip flops for going into the showers/toilets. These wet areas get very wet! Extra towels are a must too, kids getting in and out of the water make for wet towels at the end of the day when you’re trying to get dry! And really warm comfy (easy to put on) clothes for the ride home. Cosy kids are quiet kids…

Can I bring my own food to Jamberoo?

Lunch at Jamberoo Action Park

Yes! That’s the way most families do it! We usually bring a picnic and then grab some hot chips for an arvo-tea warm-up. Many families bring a big rolling eski with everything they’re going to need. Time to carbo load! Water-sliding is hungry work.

Queues for food at lunch can sometimes be long, and most kiddies simply can’t wait – that’s why Jamberoo now allows you to order your food online before you go! This time-saving option also short-cuts all the queues and is a must – learn more here.

Jamberoo’s selection of takeaway and cafe fare is really quite delicious and great for a hot lunch. Think burgers, fish n’ chips, wraps, sandwiches and hot churros! My little ones are very fond of the calamari followed by a big scoop of boysenberry ice cream!

Please note that no alcohol, glass or BYO/portable BBQs are allowed in the park

Would be good to add something there about ordering food online – one of our tips – to make the most of every minute. Avoid queues etc…

Planning your day and advice for younger kids

Fun on the Bobsled

Everyone is very excited when they get inside the gate! It can be hard to wrangle kids and decide what to do first! We used to find it fun to study the park map and prepare before we got inside. But it can be just as much fun to run-wild and jump on any ride with a short line! Rides are well sign-posted but the geography can be hard to figure out — since you can’t really take your map with you. Basically every path leads uphill, so you’ll get a heck of a workout.

Some insider advice — everybody thinks they’ll do the Chairlift/Bobsled at the end of the day, so this is when the lines are longest. The bobsled requires shoes (thongs/flip flops count), and it’s more comfortable to ride the chair lift and carry the heavy bobsled when you are dry and clothed, so why not make this your first stop. The Funnel Web, Perfect Storm, OctoRacer and Stinger are busiest late morning and mid-afternoon, plan ahead and use these times for snacks and swims.

If you’ve got little ones, it helps to have a chat about Jamberoo’s height restrictions before you go. Measure your bubs and show them all the things they can do on the map! Broadly speaking, guests over 1.4m in height will be eligible to use all rides and attractions, and guests 1.2m and above will be eligible to use all water rides. Little ones under 1.2m can ride the Bobsled with a big person and enjoy the kiddies water playgrounds including Banjo’s Billabong (will take up to 1m sized kids), Kiddies Cove, Billabong Beach and the old-school mushroom pool, where there are kid-sized waterslides and lots of fun to be had. Octo Racer (Jamberoo’s new ride) is accessible for kids up to 1metre up.

Little ones love mucking around at the water playgrounds. (Big ones sometimes do too!)

Do you need to know how to swim to go to Jamberoo?

Bit of a tricky one to answer, actually. Jamberoo Action Park highly recommends that non-swimmers do not enter the water. Most water at the bottom of waterslides is not more than waist deep. There are many water slides, such as the Octo Racer, where the water is not more than shin deep — and others, such as The Rock, where the water is 5m deep! For non-swimming little kids there are plenty of safe water-play areas to explore. For kids still building their confidence you’ll need to stay close. For everyone else, stay at your own level and use your discernment – or ask a ride operator before you queue up.

Can I drop my kids off at Jamberoo?

All children 13 years and under must be accompanied by a guest 16 years +

But, if you’ve got teenagers 14 years and older who would love to be dropped off and picked up after a day of independent fun? It’s all good! They only require some proof of age ID at the gate.

Top Favourites: Jamberoo’s best water rides and attractions

Outback Bay, a giant Wave Pool with a party atmosphere!

Outback Bay, one of Australia’s largest wave pools, is my youngest’s favourite. It’s massive, with waves coming in sets, a real sand beach and party music going non-stop. Kids will definitely need close supervision here, as the waves make the depth variable. My kids are all strong swimmers and I still have to be with them in the waves.

The Taipan is always the first water slide we hit. The big rubber ring can seat 5 and the slide goes winding through the tunnel in the dark! The heavier your crew, the faster and wilder this slide becomes! My kids love the Taipan and get thrill without getting scared. (Though it might be a a tiny bit too exciting for very small or sensitive kids?) The lines are usually short too. Big winner for multiple rides back to back.

The Funnel Web and The Perfect Storm. It took my kids years of waiting to be tall enough to ride these bad boys. And it was worth it. The lines are always long, so hit these rides as early as you can. They are intense. Like, push you to your limit if you’re a bit sensitive intense. These slides have side-by-side entrance points and both use a 4 person raft. (Heavier riders = faster ride) Both have zero-gravity drops and twists and turns, all in pitch darkness — they are seriously the best part of our day. Anyone not feeling up to riding can watch the Funnel Web from the viewing platform — which is greatly entertaining on it’s own. Let your kids decide when they feel ready, these are not for the faint of heart.

The new Velocity Falls precinct now has the Octo Racer, (which replaced Surf Hill) and The Stinger. We love to get competitive on the Octo Racer, which has 8 timed lanes and a countdown start! And I love The Stinger — which features a near vertical drop from an enclosed launching chamber — it’s the fastest ride at Jamberoo. I’m the only one in my claustrophobic family who loves The Stinger, but they don’t know what they’re missing, it’s fantastic!

Rapid River doesn’t get enough love in my opinion. It may not be rapid, but it is tons of fun with a group. Jump in a donut and spend the loop pushing your shrieking loved ones into sprays of water and under tumbling waterfalls. Splashing, bumping, bouncing — it’s like dogem cars on water — and is best approached with the same ferocious energy!

Relaxing on the Rapid River… but not for long if they do it right!

The last attraction I’ll mention also doesn’t get much airtime: Mini Golf! If you are coming to a waterpark for the day Mini Golf is likely at the bottom of your list — but we’ve found as Season Pass holders, that some visits are naturally more chill, and putt-putting through the little landscaped course is a lovely little extra at the end of the day.

Head to Jamberoo’s Rides page for a breakdown of all their attractions. There are no duds, seriously.

Is a trip to Jamberoo Action Park worth it?

100% Yes. A big day at Jamberoo Action Park is the kind of fun that is genuinely fun for big and little. Not just ‘I’m happy you’re so happy’ kind of parent-fun. We always leave with classic memories and inside-jokes. Tired and happy. Before kids I used to come with mates and have just as much fun being rambunctious and wild.

Ticket prices have gone up the last few years (hasn’t everything?) But generally Jamberoo Action Park is a lot more affordable than any alternatives near or far — and infinitely more fun, easy-going and welcoming. We have always found the staff to be friendly, the park to be very clean and the price of admission definitely worth it.

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