Your Local Guide to the Best Swimming Pools in Wollongong & Illawarra

Calling all water-babies big and small! We have some glorious warm weather coming our way, so now is the time to explore some of the best swimming pools around Wollongong. We are so lucky to have an abundance of swimming options in our local area, so whether you love to dive in for a few laps or have kids and toddlers who just can’t get enough of the water, What’s On In Wollongong has done all the research to shortcut you to the perfect pool experience!

Read on to discover our top local picks for indoor, open-air and saltwater pool adventures.

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Beaton Park Indoor Pool

Lap swimmers at Beaton Park Leisure Centre, Gwynneville

The only heated, indoor pool in Wollongong! We practically lived here year round when my own little water babies were small! Out the back of Beaton Park Fitness Centre in Gwynneville you’ll find this old-school indoor pool under a high dome roof. It’s a traditional 25m chlorinated lap pool with a large, square kids pool area attached. The kids area has a gently sloping bottom and wide stairs. The water is certainly warm enough if you’re active — but parents be warned that it sure stops feeling ‘heated’ after about 30 minutes!

Beaton Park run swimming lessons and aqua aerobics classes, which can be fun to watch but take up a lot of room, so maybe check out their calendar before you go. There are large windows all around that you can open for some fresh breezes, and lots of plastic chairs you can drag around to get comfy. 

There is a small entrance fee for casual visits.

They have change rooms and free hot showers, and the pool has an access platform and a fixed hoist for accessibility.

Note: Goggles are recommended for sensitive eyes, heated pools always seem to be extra chlorinated.

Located off Foleys Rd, Gwynneville. There is a large car park. This pool is accessible via public transport.

Opening hours:

  • 5.45am – 8pm Monday to Thursday
  • 5.45am – 6.30pm Friday
  • 6.30am – 5.30pm Weekends


Corrimal Heated Pool

A close up of Corrimal Pool’s blue sparkles…

My pick for best toddler’s-day-out-pool! These beautiful outdoor pools are right beside the Library — and are a local favourite for good reason. The 50m and 25m heated lap pools always sparkle in the sun. You’ll pretty much be guaranteed a lane to yourself for laps. They are both open year-round. They also have a toddlers’ pool, which is also open during the main swim season. The whole facility is very clean and well maintained, with a lovely flat grassed area and lots of room. The staff are friendly and operate a little kiosk here too. They have change rooms and hot showers.

Corrimal Pool is especially family friendly. It makes for a lovely day out with toddlers/preschoolers if you visit the library and the pool!

There is a small entrance fee for casual visits.

Located off Short Street, Corrimal. Parking is plentiful. This pool is accessible by public transport.

Opening hours:

  • 6am – 6pm Monday to Friday
  • 7am – 2pm Weekends


Berkeley Pool

The delicious but chilly waters of Berkeley Swimming Pool

True to form, Berkeley might the friendliest pool on this list! (What is it about Berkeley locals? They have the best skate culture too.) The facility has a very blue 50m lap pool plus a shaded toddler pool. They don’t always get out their lane ropes, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll pretty much have the place to yourself on a weekday for laps. This pool is not heated, so the chlorine is subtle! (But that also means it closes over the winter months.)

The grounds are well designed and planted, everything is clean and well maintained. It does get popular with kiddies after school in the summer.

The only have cold showers, but the change rooms are very spacious.

Entry is FREE ! 

Opening hours:

This pool reopens on the 23rd September
(Closed annually between April and mid-September.)

Located off Winnima Way, Berkeley. Lots of parking available. This pool is accessible by public transport.


Helensburgh Memorial Pool

A classic sunny day at Helensburgh Memorial Pool, Helensburgh

Another blessedly free pool. Delightful, welcoming Helensburgh Pool. An impeccably clean 25m heated outdoor pool delivering drool-worthy sparkles. Plus a shaded and fully fenced toddler pool.

There are shaded benches and a wide grass area, which is famously full of bindies (prickles) in the summer! This pool is beloved by locals, so you might find yourself sharing a lap lane. It also gets popular with kiddies after school. But it’s only a short walking distance to the shops and a wonderful playground and outdoor gym. This pool has a local reputation for being ‘fresher’ than other chlorinated pools, so if you’re sensitive to chlorine — why not try the ‘burgh?

Note: Like most open-air heated pools, the weather and season make a big difference to the water temperature. Expect variation in temperature between 18 and 25 degrees.

The open-roofed change rooms are very spacious but have only one ‘hot’ (read: lukewarm) shower.

Entry is FREE ! 

Opening hours: 6 am – 7 pm daily – Closed Christmas Day
This pool reopens on the 23rd September
(Closed annually between April and mid-September.)

Located off Walker St, Helensburgh. Lots of parking available. This pool is accessible by public transport.


Western Suburbs Pool – Unanderra

Getting ready for some races at Unanderra Pool

Another delicious free pool on this list. This facility in Unanderra is easily accessible, just off the highway. It boasts a 50m and a 25m lap pool, plus a shaded toddler pool. It also happens to have some very lovely views of the escarpment.

This is another cherished community pool, so expect it to be quiet for laps on weekdays and popular in the school holidays! 

Technically this pool is solar heated, but we haven’t exactly noticed that this makes a whole lot of difference in water temperature! In fact, this pool seems to have a bit of a local reputation for being chilly! 

The change rooms are very spacious but do not offer hot showers.

They have a little kiosk but it’s not always open.

Entry is FREE ! 

Opening hours: 6 am – 7 pm daily – Closed Christmas Day
This pool reopens on the 23rd September
(Closed annually between April and mid-September.)

Located Chapman St, Unanderra. Lots of parking available. This pool is accessible by public transport.


Dapto Heated Pool

A sweet sunrise for keen swimmers at Dapto Heated Pool, Dapto

Down in Dapto we have another sweet, old-style ‘heated’ open-air pool. Featuring a 50m pool and a toddler’s pool. Dapto Pool is open all year round, but it gets mighty chilly in colder seasons (think 12 degrees chilly.) It’s a lovely setting, with mature palm trees and views of the escarpment. Usually only half the pool gets roped for lap swimmers, so you might have to share.

The very shallow toddler’s pool is large and sunny. The facility also has an access lift into the big pool and a small kiosk, which is not always open. Seems to be a bit of a mix of people who come to this pool, only a few serious swimmers.

Timed warm showers are available in the large changing rooms.

Located off Bangaroo Ave, Dapto. Plenty of parking. Unfortunately this spot is a bit of a walk from the closest bus stop, so not easily accessible by public transport.

While historically free, this pool has required a small entrance fee since 2015.

Opening hours:

  • 6am – 6pm Mon to Fri
  • 7am – 2pm weekends


Continental Pool

Looking down on the Continental Pools from the promenade, North Wollongong

Onto our first saltwater pool of the list! Viva la piscina del océano! The iconic, ever popular Continental Pool between the harbour and North Wollongong. This very well maintained complex has a 50m pool and a 45m pool side by side, parallel to the ocean. There is also a toddler’s pool. Lots of concrete to lay out on and warm up and a big mix of people. Very continental!

The 45m pool has a ramp entry for people with limited mobility, and a long ramp takes you from the promenade to the entrance.

This is one of the most consistently clean saltwater pools on the list, and gets very popular in warm weather.

The water is pumped in straight from the ocean, and is unheated, but is generally between 19 and 25 degrees in the warmer months.

They have rather pokey change rooms and the showers are cold. But public wifi is available here!

The Continental Pool is fun to visit as part of a ‘Blue Mile’ adventure. Come by bike or board and swim at the harbour and the ‘Men’s Baths’ tidal rock pool!

Located off Cliff Rd, North Wollongong. Parking can be tricky as ‘The Blue Mile’ is a very busy strip. Most people park on the street and walk (sometimes a long walk) This pool is definitely accessible by public transport.

Entry is FREE ! 

Opening hours:

  • 6am – 2pm Tuesday – Sunday
  • Closed Mondays for cleaning


Port Kembla Pool

A blissful day at Port Kembla Pool

The big daddy of saltwater pools, pumped fresh with ocean water daily. Port Kembla Pool is a bit of a paradise and super family friendly. This pool has an eight-lane 50m pool, a huge shaded toddlers’ pool and shallow paddling pool for bubs. And it has a beach-style sloping entry ideal for those who just want to wade. 

All the locals are in love with this place — it has a very Mediterranean vibe, with old timers sunning themselves and chatting on the tiered seating. A large wall protects the pool from the wind, but also means you don’t get views of Port Kembla beach while you’re here. But there is a whole grassy hillside to picnic and sunbathe on, which gives you excellent views!

The enclosed design of the facility makes it very good for families too. (And there is a great playground opposite the car park)

There is a little cafe accessible from both inside and outside the pool walls – very popular with locals for a morning coffee.

This pool is very accessible too, there is a ‘Changing Places’ Accessible Adult Change Facility available at the Port Kembla Pool building. This facility can be accessed 24/7 with a MLAK key, or during pool hours by asking pool staff for access.

The showers are cold and the change rooms are a little small.

Occasionally this pool will have to close for a few days because it gets randomly full of sand and they have to pump it out again. Generally a very clean pool, popular with serious lap swimmers.

Located off Olympic Blvd, Port Kembla. There is a bus stop quite close by.

Entry is FREE ! 

Opening hours: 6 am – 7 pm daily – Closed Christmas Day

This pool reopens on the 23rd September
(Closed annually between April and mid-September.)


Thirroul Pool

Deep dives and Norfolk Pines at Thirroul Pool

The deepest pool on the list! 2.6 metres of saltwater goodness at the deep end! The novelty never wears off…

Thirroul Pool’s complex is rather small, with bench seating squeezed in on either side, but that makes the pool seem massive! The 50m pool runs parallel to the beach and has a high wall to protect it from wind, so no views here. There is a shaded toddler pool with a ramp entrance. Locals love this pool and come to do laps and cool off at all times during the day, even on their lunch breaks!

Always welcoming, this pool does get a little shady in the afternoon with enormous Norfolk Pines on its western boarder. There is an awesome playground adjacent and a nice walk on the promenade at Thirroul beach. Beachfront cafe is very popular too for a cheeky brew or milkshake.

There are cold showers in the rather small change rooms.

Entry is FREE ! 

Opening hours: 6 am – 7 pm daily – Closed Christmas Day

This pool reopens on the 23rd September
(Closed annually between April and mid-September.)

Located off Bath St, Thirroul. The car park is on the small side, but street and auxiliary parking at the south end of the beach should be enough. This pool is accessible by public transport.


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Since we might be looking at some very hot days this summer, it’s a good idea to plan your swimming excursions in advance. Parking can become tricky if you are visiting in the middle of the day on the weekends so make the most of daylight saving and get out there early. Swimming is wonderful way to reconnect and get moving — for all of us, regardless of age or fitness level. So what are you waiting for?

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