WEA Illawarra. Short Courses, Training, Work Skills & Education For All

If you are looking for an exceptional Wollongong education and training college, who supports you to learn, develop skills and grow, then welcome to WEA Illawarra. WEA Illawarra offer Educational Courses, Short Courses and Accredited Training to enhance your skills and / or employability. Their adult Wollongong courses like IT skills for seniors, photography classes, art and craft classes, dance and music classes, languages courses and cooking classes promote life enjoyment and skills. All whilst making connections with locals who share your interests. If you (or your school leaver) want to gain new skills, improve employment opportunities and business skills, here is how WEA Illawarra Community College can help.

Just quickly before we start, we (and WEA Illawarra!) acknowledge you for busting out of your comfort zone. If you are reading this, then you’re considering expanding your horizons through starting a Wollongong Course, Education or Skills Training. It takes courage to try something new! The benefits of ongoing learning and making stronger connections within your community are endless. WEA Illawarra is a Community College dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning. Whether you are a school leaver, senior or anywhere in between, here are the MANY ways you can grow with them:

Access Training, Classes & Enhance Work / Employment Skills with WEA Illawarra

Wollongong Traineeships, Work & Employability Skills Training

If you are looking to enhance your work skills, access Vocational Training, improve employability and access quality traineeships, WEA offer a multitude of courses and training. Click here for WEA Work Skills. Click here for WEA Traineeships. Click here for WEA Employability and Foundation skills courses. Note some of these courses are fee free!

Adult & Community Education / Small Business Skills Training

Enhance your skills and / or run your small business more effectively. Click to read more about this targeted skills training from WEA.

Technology and Computer Courses

WEA offer some subsided or fee free IT courses, click here for more info.

Art & Craft, Dance & Music, Fashion & Textiles Courses

Enhance and progress your creativity with WEA’s various leisure skills courses. Click here for WEA Arts & Crafts courses. Click here for WEA Dance & Music Courses. Click here for Fashion & Textiles Courses

Cooking Classes, Food and Wine Courses

Uplift your cooking skills, or your appreciation of wine and food. Click here for WEA Cooking, Food & Wine Classes

Health and Beauty Courses

Access quality training and courses, click for WEA courses on health and beauty here.

House and Garden Leisure Classes

Learn how to enhance your house and garden, click here for WEA Home & Garden Classes

Language Classes and Travel Courses

Learn a language and make the world your oyster, click for WEA Language Classes and Travel Classes

Photography Classes and Film Classes

Learn how to capture stunning pictures or create film and video, click for WEA Photography & Film Courses in Wollongong here

Creative Writing Courses

Improve your creative writing with WEA Wollongong Creative Writing Classes here

Seniors Courses Wollongong / Illawarra

Some of the WEA Seniors Courses are fee free or subsided. Improve your technology and IT skills, click for all the WEA Seniors Courses here

NOVO Education Space – Alternative Secondary Education for Years 9 – 12

WEA Illawarra also operates Novo Education Space, which is a registered independent school, specifically designed for the inclusion of young people who would flourish with the right support in an alternative school environment.  They are located in Wollongong, Nowra and Vincentia. Novo Education Space can offer an alternative education option for students who are ready and willing to learn, but need a different kind of environment to succeed.

At Novo Education Space there is an equal focus on student wellbeing along with learning growth and individual support for learning needs.  They create learning environments where every student feels like they belong and has strong connections to others. Every student develops the skills they need to meet their personal, social, educational and employment goals. Every student has a say in the decisions about what and how they learn and what they want for their future.

Novo Education Space is committed to shaping the lives of young people so that they flourish and are positive contributors to their communities.  You can find out more about Novo Education Space here

What are you waiting for?  Take the next step to continue your lifelong learning journey with WEA Illawarra.  Visit WEA Illawarra’s website or phone 02 4226 1622 to find out more about any of their learning experiences. For all enrolments enquires click here.

Here at What’s on in Wollongong, we love shining a light on our local organisations who make a real impact in our community. We thank WEA Illawarra for all their passionate dedication to education and training, empowering lifelong learning for all our community members, and for sponsoring this article so more locals can discover the many benefits of signing up with WEA Illawarra.